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We're speeding up the buying and selling process!

We have partnered with Docusign to allow our Clients to fill in a large number of our documents online rather than physically.

We have done this for two reasons.

1) We have just partnered with Ecologi as part of our commitment to reduce waste paper, and plant trees to help the environment.

2) To speed up the initial onboarding process, we found that delays were being caused at the start of the process - this was because we previously had to post documents out to our Clients, our Clients then had to find time to complete the documents and send the documents back to us.

We have edited our Docusign settings to allow our Clients to drag and place the correct fields in the correct locations. Giving you full control over how you fill in the relevant forms.

It is vitally important to ensure that the documents are read in full and filled in correctly.

Please note that we are still able to send paper copies out to Clients that do not have a laptop or access to a computer.

For visual help on how to use our Docusign you can view are video here.

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