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"Our estate agent suggested Montrose Conveyancing, and it was a brilliant suggestion. They fully use technology to their advantage, minimising delays. We could submit documents instantly (online or via phone app), and the online portal allowed us to see when our case was last worked on and how far along it was. The portal obviously reduced the number of phone calls/update requests and means the team are free to deal with the actual case work which was great for us). That said any time I did contact them they often replied on the day.

We dealt with Sarah first, and then Katie (although I’m sure it was a team effort). Both were polite, efficient and very reassuring of any worries we had. When we had a delay in the exchange, Katie even stayed especially late with special dispensation to exchange in the evening, giving up her free time to get us through.

The majority of people we’ve spoken to have lamented their conveyancing experience as they found firms were impossible to contact, slow to get back and the process took an extraordinarily long time with few updates. They were surprised at hearing about a Conveyancing firm who were the opposite, and how quickly it went through. This is because Montrose’s processes work and keep things efficient. Montrose are breaking the mould and it shows. This is an example of Conveyancing done right. We are very glad we chose Montrose and highly recommended them. We would absolutely use their services again. Thank you"

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