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The Sale Transaction Process

Instruct a Conveyancer

  • You will need to sign and return the Client Care Letter & Terms of Engagement.

  • You will need to send your Conveyancer photo ID and proof of address.

  • You will need to complete and return all forms and paperwork issued in the initial pack.

  • Your Conveyancer will request the title deeds from you or your lender (if applicable).

  • Your Conveyancer will obtain Official Copy Entries from HM Land Registry.

  • Your Conveyancer will request a redemption statement from your lender to redeem any outstanding mortgages (if applicable).





  • Your Conveyancer will prepare the draft Contract.

  • Your Conveyancer will send the Contract pack to the Buyer’s Solicitor.

  • Your Conveyancer will receive enquiries about the property from the Buyer's Solicitor.

  • Your Conveyancer may liaise with you for replies to some of these enquiries.

  • Your Conveyancer will need confirmation from the Buyer’s Solicitor that they are satisfied with the given replies.




  • Once the Buyer’s Solicitor has approved the draft Contract, your Conveyancer will send the Contract to you for signature and return.

  • Potential Completion dates will be discussed with you and the chain.

  • Your Conveyancer will exchange contracts on your behalf.

  • This is the point where all parties are committed to the transaction.

  • The Completion date is set.

Exchange of Contracts

  • Your Conveyancer will request an updated redemption statement from your lender to redeem any outstanding mortgages (if applicable).

  • Your Conveyancer will send you a Transfer Deed to sign and return prior to Completion.

  • You will receive a Completion Statement showing the financial side of the transaction.

Pre- Completion

  • Your Conveyancer will receive the purchase monies from the Buyer’s Solicitor.

  • Your Solicitor will pay off any mortgages, estate agent fees and deduct their fees from the sale proceeds.

  • The remainder of the funds will be sent to you.

  • You must vacate the property.


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